A Glimpse at the Undercover

Operations of Law Enforcement

Dive into the seamy underbelly of criminal America as Decoy 24, an undercover officer, paints a picture of street violence, drug running, and special operations. Learn what really goes on in the world of undercover law enforcement and what it's like to live hidden in plain sight.


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Decoy 24 is a collection of short stories. These stories examine the multiple aspects of criminality in society. The reader will explore the criminal values revealed by those who hate society, those willing to risk it all for pitiful gains while many times sacrificing their own lives. These vignettes paint a picture of street violence and look at the underbelly of the narco-pariah that is multiplying every day.

Decoy 24 also was the call sign used by the author during his many undercover operations. His name was not spoken to guarantee some measure of anonymity.

This book acknowledges the sacrifices made by many men and women unknown and working now as undercover operators. City, county, state, and federal agencies all play their part in confronting the menace of such horrific social violence.

From working cases and doing surveillance to developing advanced field training and lecturing nationally. James R. Davis has certainly earned his reputation as a criminologist. He has advanced degrees and has written extensively, but still carries street smarts in his back pocket.

Meet James R. Davis,
Criminologist & Author

James R. Davis,

Criminologist & Author

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Book Endorsements

“Mr. Davis gives us a heartfelt look into a branch of law enforcement that is often, perhaps justifiably, unknown and unreported. Teaming up with Decoy 24 is an education about what it's like to go undercover. To go there you must be strong of heart, have tough skin, and a keen mind.”

Dr. Thomas Keller,

Clinical Psychologist

Scott Wulfing,

Police Officer, La Mesa, CA

“I have known James for almost ten years. As a police officer, I appreciate the informative and heartfelt conversation both from his book, and in person. Chapter 9 sent chills down my spine knowing how dangerous the situation was... The book is a great read!”

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